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Once upon a time there was a world called robloxia this world had life and it bloomed through out the years suddenly a mystery presence brought evil to robloxia and soon chaos rised when the mystery presence was going through their plans a good arrived and defeated the evil presence and thus the war's and chaos have stopped to this day tales say that he was just letting him self to die so he can come up with an even better plan years later and a new boy wanted to start out his journey in robloxia he has planned to stop all of the bad organizations that are following the evil presence plans.

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Freedom! | MineQuest [Ep. 4] (Minecraft Adventure Roleplay) 

Right after the group of Drone United, they have come across an enemy also known as OSCAR one of the Bandit Commanders, Darrel then defeated oscar and the group decided to go to the next town. When they reached to the town they encounter yet another Bandit commander, Pastor who is claimed to be a priest. 

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